Josh Adler on Why Choose Greater Cleveland

Like most Clevelanders, I have tremendous pride in my city. Growing up, this pride was largely based on my family's unwavering support of Cleveland's win challenged sports teams. In recent years, however, my enthusiasm has been reshaped by the possibility and promise the city seems to hold. Cleveland is in the early stages of a renaissance, and as you travel around town there are many signs indicating that the city is progressing in a positive direction. But we need your help. I firmly believe that for Cleveland to complete its renaissance, it needs to have an equitable education system that provides all children the opportunity to attain a high quality education. After four years in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, I decided to return home to join the 2014 TFA Northeast Ohio corps to help bring about this change. In choosing NEO-CLE, I have partnered with a tremendous group of leaders who share a stubborn optimism that is characteristic of Clevelanders. We know the statistics, we are aware of the challenges, and we experience the problems alongside our students. But we also know that we can beat the odds, we are confident that we can be architects of equity, and we believe that by working together with our community partners we can strengthen our city. Will you help us create transformational change in Cleveland? Will you empower this city's young scholars to be the future leaders we need? Will you help bring 'One Day' to Cleveland?

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Josh Adler (Greater Cleveland '14)